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2 Socks on 2 Circulars
Instructor: Sheron Goldin
Feel free to ask Sheron questions on the socknitters list or contact Sheron directly


Hi – I am Sheron Goldin and I learned to knit when I was about 6. My grandmother taught me as a way to amuse me when I was sick one summer. I have knit off and on since then and got into sock knitting about a year ago. While knitting socks I have suffered the agonies of such things as:

  • Having the needles (from one to all) fall out of the sock I was working on
  • Pulling the wrong needle out of the stitches thinking it was the empty needle I was going to work on
  • Loosing track of where I was
  • Making changes in a pattern and not writing them down, then trying to figure out what I did when I tried to work on the second sock (so it matched)
  • Second Sock Syndrome (but I did that – why do I have to do it again?)
  • Making the socks different lengths
  • Putting the sock down after finishing the first one and having to figure out which size needles I used for that pair (as I usually took them to work on something else)
  • And many other problems each and every one of you has been through (and some you may not have)

Then Cat Bordi published her book “Socks Soar on Two Circulars”. I got the book, got circular needles and followed her directions. This solved many of the problems I had working with double point needles but left the problems related to making the second sock and making it match the first sock. So I fiddled and tried various methods (including many hints others posted to the Socknitters list) to get the second sock on the same needles as the first and work them at the same time. What I am teaching here is what works for me. Feel free to do things differently if these suggestions don’t work for you. If you find something easier let the both the Socknitters list and 2Circs Sock list know so we can all grow together.

This is a not a basic sock knitting class – it is a class on how to work two socks at a time on two circular needles. Want to just work one sock at a time – do so. Follow the directions for the first sock and ignore the second sock. Feel free to use any pattern you like. I will give directions for a child’s sock in worsted weight yarn but you can substitute your favorite pattern and yarn for the specific directions I give as long as it has a heel flap and gussett. I prefer this type of heel and so will be covering it. I will also be covering a toe that is decreased on the sides of the foot and grafted closed, as that is what I usually use. Again feel free to use a different heel and toe if your pattern calls for it or if you prefer if. I find it easier to see what I am doing when working on thicker yarn and larger needles so that is what I am suggesting you work with here. Feel free to work with thinner yarn and needles if you choose. Want to work the socks as written to learn but don’t know any children to wear them? Make them of yarn that is at least 75% wool and donate them to CIC, a charity Socknitters supports. You will find information about CIC elsewhere on the Socknitters site. Or use a different pattern and make them for yourself.

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