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Bryspun Flexible

Needle Type Material Length Per Set US Sizes Available
Double Pointed Plastic 5 inch five  2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Price $4-6/set European Sizes Available  


Linda Nelson In Tijeras, New Mexico
I don't like these needles at all. Even on the small sizes the tips are way  too blunt to make picking up stitches easy, although I do have to admit, it's difficult to split the yarn with them. Also, I'm not crazy about the way the yarn sticks on them. The flexibility, which is supposed to be easier on the hands of arthritic people, is bothersome to me even though I have arthritis...I always feel as though they just aren't quite doing what I want them to do.
Dawn Adcock  
Nice flexible needles, and easy on the hands, but with very blunt, rounded tips. I tried a set of size 2, and found out that the tips were too blunt for my continental style of knitting, especially in the small gauges. If you like round tips, these would be excellent needles, they don't break, have good grip on the yarn, and come in sets of 5.
Amanda Gill  
I really don't like these needles. The yarn doesn't slide along nicely. I especially don't like the blunt tips. I knit pretty tightly on DPNs, and the blunt tips make it really difficult to get "into" the stitches. I also don't like the way they feel when I knit--whether it's the flexibility or the plastic, I'm not sure. I bought them because the price was right, but now I wish I had spent a little more the the needles I really wanted.