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Crystal Palace

Needle Type Material Length Per Set US Sizes Available
Double Pointed Bamboo 6 inch five  
Price $7-8/set European Sizes Available  


Janice In Plano, Illinois
I have some of the Plymouth bamboos in the 6" length in 3.25 mm (3's?) that I'm using for socks.  I also have Crystal Palace bamboos in sizes 7 and 8 (8" length) that I've used for hats, and some of the 5" Brittany Birch in 1's (I think).  What I'm seeing in all of them is the tips vary from needle to needle.  Some of the Plymouth's are > real pointy (the way I like them) and some are less so. Same with the Crystal Palace and the birch.  Crystal Palace's seem the most consistent. Crystal Palace and Plymouth both have nice finishes initially, but it's starting to wear off, and they're becoming stickier (which I don't like). The Crystal Palace are supposed to be impregnated all the way through the needle, but I still feel the shiny surface is wearing off and the stitches aren't slipping as easily.  One tip on the Plymouth's has a split or developed a snag. I hate the birches...can't get my stitches to slip at all on them. Among the three, I'd choose the Crystal Palace, but given their price, I'm really disappointed that the finish isn't holding up better.
Chrisanne G.  
These are very nice needles, but of 3 sets, I have had problems with one needle splintering at the tip, and the tips are so sharp as to be 'scratchy', for lack of a better term. They don't bend. (I use #0 and #1 almost entirely, so this is something I notice!) They cost a bit more than the Plymouths, and the finish is sort of a dark maple color--which can be annoying if you are knitting a same-tone yarn. These were my first sockneedles, tho--I'll always have a few sets of them.
Linda Nelson In Tijeras, NM
These are the needles I have the most of mainly because my LYS carries only these and Brittanys. I like the Crystal Palace needles because of the nice smooth, slippery (but not too slippery) finish and the very sharp points, although they do have more of an urge to split the yarn than I consider absolutely necessary. I've had some points chip but my DH was able to fix them with a bit of sandpaper. I prefer a bit shorter needle, but these are the ones I use when I cast on more than about 14 stitches on each needle. I have bent the size ones a bit but it doesn't seem to bother me when knitting with them and I have never broken one in the act of knitting and my son sitting on my knitting bag doesn't count.
Nanette Blanchard  
I just bought a set of Crystal Palace bamboos in size one and size two. The six inch needles are about as short as I'm comfortable working with in dpns. Like all bamboo needles, the Crystal Palace needles hold on to the yarn (i.e., the stitches won't ever accidentally fall off the needles like they do with metal, plastic and wood). I prefer the Clover bamboo needles - the points are sharper and they seem less likely to break. After only half a sock, my Crystal Palace bamboo dpns in size 1 are already permanently bent out of shape.
Kate in St. Louis
I prefer Crystal Palace bamboos over anything else.  CP's are soaked in resin, not just painted over as the Clovers are so they are quite strong and have a really serious point that helps avoid splitting yarn. I never broke a pair till last week when I fell here at work hurrying to get to clinic, if they had been metal I guess I'd have a chest tube in.