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Clover Bamboo

Needle Type Material Length Per Set US Sizes Available
Double Pointed Bamboo 7 inch four  
Price $7-8/set European Sizes Available  


Dawn Adcock  
I like Clover for the strong bamboo wood and smooth sharp tips. I don't like that they are sold in sets of 4 needles, for about the same price of other brands being sold in sets of 5. My size 1 and 2 Clovers have held up without breaking in these small sizes.
Nanette Blanchard  
I prefer the Clover bamboo dpns to Crystal Palace - so far they're bending less and they do have sharper tips. Like all bamboo needles, the stitches won't slide off accidentally like they sometimes do with metal, plastic, and the Brittany birch needles. And I do believe the lady at the yarn store said the Clovers have a lifetime guarantee.