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Brunswick (Paton) - Nylamb

Fiber Content Skein Size Yards/Meters per Skein
80% wool/20% nylon 40 grams 200 yards
Yarn Weight Needle Size Stitch Gauge Row Gauge
Fingering/Sock US size 2/3.25mm 28 sts = 4 inch/10 cm none given

A. Williams none given none given none given
Brunswick Nylamb, if you can find it, grab it. Some say it is too soft but drop the needle size down, and it is lovely. Fine as Kroy, but the colours were wonderful. Have a Rubbermaid tub full of it, aging happily.
A. Williams US size 1 none given none given
Nylamb is my all-time favorite sock yarn. Soft and elastic and it wears like iron. I have some Nylamb socks that are over 10 years old! I prefer to knit it on size 1 needles. Unfortunately it is no longer made but I wish they could come up with a similar yarn today