Kris's Handspun Socks

By: Kris Sudduth

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I used my own handspun merino blend yarn in three different colors.  It wrapped up at about 8-10 stiches per inch.   This was some of my first handspun so it wasn't very consistant, but I figured it would work just fine for me!!

Size 4 dpn needles

CO 48 stitches (I use long tail)
Do a 2X2 ribbing for 1 2/2 inches

St St for 3/4 of an inch then start Fair Isle (FI) design.  ( I did look at a pattern for this, but I'm not sure if I "got it" to come out the same!!)  It basically looks like a pine tree with a tree trunk. Any ole design would do though.

St St for 1 inch after the FI pattern is done, then you will start Intarsia? or at least I think its Intarsia, maybe its a FI be the judge!  Once again, any ole pattern could be used here, I just wanted to do this type of color changes and carries.

St St for 1/2 inch, then start heel....I used two rows of each color to do the heel.   I did the heel stitch on half the stiches used....with a K1, sl 1 and P back pattern.  I turned the heel after two inches..ala EZ's Knitting without Tears book.

Continue with two color changes for 11 rows after turning the heel and the gusset....all the while decreasing to original # of stitches used.  I use EZ decreasing method also.

Cont st st till 2in short of total foot length, change color for toes, doing decreases till 8-10 stitches left...I hate the "K" stitch so I did the "pull yarn thru all stitches left and pull to close up hole" just fine...I know I know, I need to practice more with K of these days I will !!

Copyright: Kris Sudduth, June 25, 1999

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