Maggie's Pink Socks

By Maggie Dicey

Golly! I am so flattered by the responses to my pink socks, I must remember that if my smile wraps all the way around, the top of my head will fall off.   Looks like I may have stepped knee-deep into the DYOS Project without even realizing it. But I need a partner to write up the pattern. Let me see if I can describe it...  

Patons Kroy 4-ply on US#000 (1.5mm) needles. Use whatever yarn/needle size you are comfortable with.

Cast on a multiple of 6 stitches (96 sts for me), using a provisional cast-on, (I cast onto a string, but a crochet cast-on will work as well.)

Work row 1 straight across on one needle before dividing and joining.

Row 1: *K 1, sl 1 wyif (with yarn in front). Repeat from *.
Row 2: *Sl 1 wyib (with yarn in back), p 1. Repeat from *.
Rows 3 & 4: Repeat rows 1 & 2.

Continue in 1X1 rib to desired length. (~1.5 inches) **Special thanks to Eileen Baxter for teaching me this great stretchy cast on.**  

The leg is a simple knit-and-purl pattern, a 6-stitch repeat (plus 2 on the instep) by 32 rows. Using a non-proportional font will help when reading the chart.   K = knit P = purl  

Row 32 K P P K K K   K P
Row 31 K K P P K K   K K
Row 30 K K K P P K   K K
Row 29 K K K K P P   K K
Row 28 P K K K K P   P K
Row 27 P P K K K K   P P
Row 26 K P P K K K   K P
Row 25 K K P P K K   K K
Rs 24-17 K K K P P K   K K
Row 16 K K K K P P   K K
Row 15 P K K K K P   P K
Row 14 P P K K K K   P P
Row 13 K P P K K K   K P
Row 12 K K P P K K   K K
Row 11 K K K P P K   K K
Row 10 K K K K P P   K K
Row 9 P K K K K P   P K
Rs 8-1 P P K K K K   P P

I completed three pattern repeats before starting the heel. This is the only part of the pattern that might be considered tricky. Decide how many pattern repeats across, you want to have continue down the top of the foot, place markers at the edges of these repeats, including the two extra stitches (the two stitches seperated from the rest on the chart) on the right-hand side. Rearrange the stitches on the needles so that half the stitches are on two "heel needles," and the other half are on one or two "instep needle(s)." You want an equal number of stockinette stitches on either side of the pattern. (Total number of sts divided by 2, minus pattern stitches) divided by 2 = stockinette sts. On my sock: 96 / 2 = 48 48 - 38 (6 pattern repeats plus 2) = 10 10 / 2 = 5 stockinette stitches on each side of pattern on instep needles.

Work the heel. I used a short-row heel, Short Row Heels working down to 16 stitches (1/3 of half the total). On these I worked three rows of plain knitting (in pattern across the instep) between the short-row sequences. (If you prefer another heel type, do that one.) Continue down the foot until it's long enough and is in a pleasing stopping point of the pattern (I ended with row 24), then work the toe in stockinette stitch. I used a short-row toe Maggie's Short Row Heels and Toes and grafted the stitches across the top of the foot. Or use your own favorite method for working toes.

Copyright: Maggie Dicey, April 11, 1999 

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