My wee blue sock

By Diane Hare

Needles should be as thick as yarn chosen: cast on 8 sts with 1/2 hitches. Work first 9 rows with two dpn's.

row 1: knit 8
row 2: YO, purl 7
row 3: YO, knit 6
row 4: YO, purl 5
row 5: YO, knit 4
row 6: YO, purl 4, p 2 tog
row 7: YO, knit 5, k 2 tog
row 8: YO, purl 6, purl 3 tog
row 9: YO, knit 7, k 3 tog

get the other dpn's out now

Round 1 (plus one stitch): on two more needles, pick up 8 stitches from the original 8 stitches (*not* between them), sssk,  knit 7, K3tog. If my math's right, there are now 16 stitches on three needles. Feel free to add another needle for 4 stitches on each. The "pick-up" goes over the top of the toes.

Knit even to where you want the heel.

On the two bottom needles (not the new "pick-up" ones), repeat rows 1-9. Then go back to knitting around with a first row of K8 stitches, sssk, knit7, K3tog. knit even for a few rows and then do ribbing (I used twisted K's on the ribbing) and bind off.

Copyright: Diane Hare, April 11, 1999

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