Nicholas' Swirly Tube Socks
(toe-up spirals)

By Lisa Santoni Cromar

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Worsted Weight wool (or whatever WW makes you happy)
Size 6 (4mm) DPNs
Size 7 (4.5mm) crochet needle

Size: Fits a 6 year old boy with size 11.5 shoes

Figure Eight Cast On:

Cast on 16 stitches (8 on each needle) by holding two DPNs side by side, wrapping the yarn in a figure eight.

Knit around these 16 loops. Knit another round, moving stitches to four DPNs. Mark first stitch on needle #1 as beginning of the round.

Toe Increase:

Round 1: Increase 4 stitches as follows: Knit to the end of the needle. With left needle, pick up a stitch and twist it. Knit that picked up stitch onto the right needle. Do this at the end of each of the four needles.

Round 2: knit. Continue these two rounds until you have 28 stitches total. (End with Round 2)

Work another increase round, increasing only at the end of the first three needles. This will give you 31 stitches, 8 stitches on needles 1, 2 and 3 and 7 stitches on needle 4.

Spiral Ribbing:

Work K3/P3 ribbing for approximately 10 inches. *make sure to end with a P3 even if you have to go a bit over 10 inches.* Note: When you have finished the last P3 on the first round, there will be one stitch remaining on the left needle. It is with this stitch that you will start your K3/P3 pattern for the next round. This is what moves the pattern over one stitch every round and gives you the spiral effect.  

Vertical Ribbing:

Decrease to 30 stitches as follows: K2 tog, Knit 2, Purl 3. Work remaining 30 stitches in K3/P3 ribbing for two inches. Sock will be approximately 12 inches long.

Single Crochet Bind-Off:

Step 1 - using a size 7 crochet needle (or one size bigger than the DPNs you used) and holding yarn in your left hand, put your hook knitwise into the first stitch on the needle. Yarn over and pull through the hook. Take the stitch off the needle.

Step 2 - Put your hook knitwise into the next stitch. Yarn over and pull through both the stitch on the needle and the loop on the hook. Take the stitch off the needle.

Continue Step 2 until all the stitches are bound off. There will be a loop remaining on the crochet hook. Clip yarn about 6 inches from the hook and pull through the remaining loop and pull firmly. Weave in the end.

Copyright: Lisa Santoni Cromar, April 11, 1999

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