Sandy's Openwork Cuff Variation
(to be used with basic sock pattern)
By: Sandy Miner

This is an easy to follow lacy pattern cuff that makes the everyday sock pattern a little fancier yet is suitable for anytime wear.

Materials : same yarn and needle requirements as adult or child socks.

Abrreviations: K = knit P = purl tog = together YO = yarn over needle (this creates a stitch)

All Sizes:

Using the same amount of stitches as called for in the sock pattern instead of doing a ribbing of k1, p1 or k2, p2 for the cuff use the following:

Work a ribbing of K2, P2 for 8 rounds
Knit 2 rounds

Begin Openwork Pattern and work as follows:

Round 1) * K2 tog, YO, repeat from * around
Rounds 2, 3 & 4) Knit around

Adult Size:

Repeat the 4 rounds of openwork pattern 8 times more ending with round 4. Using the basic adult pattern now start with "divide for heel" and continue as directed for the rest of the sock.

Child Size:

Using the basic child sock pattern repeat the rounds of openwork 4 times and continue with "ankle"

Copyright: Sandra Miner May, 98

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