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220 Aran Stitches and Patterns
By Collins, Brown

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Becky Temple

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Volume 5 in the Harmony Guide series, this book is a wonderful resource for Aran patterns . . . whether you want to design your own sweater, or if you are going to use some of the patterns in the cuffs of your next socks.  (Check out the article in Hand Knitting Techniques from Threads magazine on how to convert patterns for straight needles to DPNs or circular needles!)  There is lots of basic information in the front of the book, including what all of the abbreviations and symbols mean (for those who have not knit cables before, this information is very helpful at clarifying).  What I really like about this book for sock design is the wonderful pictures of *each* pattern, and that the patterns are divided according to how many row repeats are required, and the multiple of stitches required, and the background shown in the photo (example 2 rows, 2 stitches, 4 background; 2 rows, 5 stitches 4 background; etc.)  If you enjoy the Aran patterns this is a great book . . . but I think it may lead me back to sweater knitting!