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Hand Knitting Techniques from Threads
 Edited by Christine Timmons

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Penny Pennington

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This was a holiday gift, and what a delightful surprise!  These are reprints of articles from Threads Magazine, so if you have your back copies, you probably don't need this book . . . but, if like me, you have attempted to downsize your stash, there is a wealth of information in this book.  There is only one article on socks (pages 72-76), but the information is good, and the instructions are clear. But the articles that I liked the best were the ones on technique (selvages for heel flaps) and the article on Textured knitting on circular needles . . . being able to take a pattern that was written for straight needles, and convert it to a pattern for a sock cuff . . . that it is not sufficient to just change the p1 to a k1, but that the directions have to be inverted as well.  A good resource book.

Donna C. in R.I.

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First published in 1991, this compilation of articles from the early issues of Threads Magazine covers a variety of techniques.  Wisdom from some of the most famous knitters is featured in its pages. The book contains a large number of topics: from cast-ons to selvedges, from yarn-overs to bead knitting, and many more, presented in short, easy-to-read articles.  There are also wonderful and very detailed articles on knitting gloves and socks.  There's even one by Elizabeth Zimmermann which details her percentage system for sweaters. Many experts offer valuable ideas on designing knitwear. This book is entertaining and educational!