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The Knitter's Companion
By Vicki Square

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Linda Nelson

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This is a cute little spiral bound book with card stock pages that is just the right size to put in your knitting bag. Although it lacks the depth of say, Vogue Knitting, for it's size it holds a lot of basic knitting information. You will find explanations for such things as different types of decreases and increases, cast ons and bind offs, and decent instructions for the dreaded Kitchener stitch. There's even a stitch and needle gauge in the back. It's a bit pricy at $17.95 but I've used my copy a lot and am glad I finally broke down and bought it.

Fonnell from Washington State

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This little book goes everywhere with me!  For all those moments when you don't remember something exactly.  However I have drawn or written in every margin.  We all have our favorite way to do something and I wish there had been several blank pages to add to this book the things we can't remember other wise.  Forget the plastic cover on the little book it is so brittle it cracks and is gone in the first couple of trips in the knitting bag. The size is perfect for grab and run.

Penny Pennington

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I love this book!  It has a wealth of information . . . I haven't picked up knitting needles in a few years, and it's amazing what one can forget in that time.  This book has it all, and the explanations are clear and concise!  It is especially wonderful to have available when introducing others to the addiction of sock knitting!  If there were one general purpose book that I would recommend, this would be the one!