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Vogue Knitting
By the Editors of Vogue Magazine

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Becky Temple

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I also find this book to be a bible for knitting. The embellishing section is my favorite. It even walks you through the process of designing a sweater, from swatching to what kind of collor or neckline you want. No socks, but they have a paperback for that:) This book is something I constantly read, for inspiration and to keep my mind sharp on techniques. There are a variety of casting on methods as well as casting off methods. They all have detailed illustrations to help walk you through the process.

Karen Gypson

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I just borrowed this book through interlibrary loan to help me with my TKGA Master Hand Knitter's Course.  Now that I've seen it I've got to get my own copy. It's got thorough and easy-to-follow instructions on everything!  It's also extremely well organized. Though it was published in 1989, it's not outdated in any way.  The Modular Knitting patterns are great. They guide you through knitting any of 10 basic sweater styles. They are an excellent starting place for those interested in trying sweater design for themselves.