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Lesson 5

Argyle Sock
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Lesson Four - The Foot

Lesson Four - The Foot

If you’ve stuck with me so far, you have something that doesn’t quite resemble a sock. It’s just several strangely shaped flaps of knitting with a beautiful argyle pattern on them. Only a few ends are hanging off the back to bother you. Don’t you feel better now?

If you knit in your diagonal lines already, you are waiting to get on with it.

At this point, you may want to go ahead and seam the instep stitches (instructions to be in Lesson Five). I prefer to go ahead and do the foot because I think my seams look better. Knitter’s choice…


Look carefully at your knitting. You should have your instep stitches (the stitches from the Graph A or B) on a holder, and 22 gusset stitches on a needle. The yarn coming from the ball is attached at your gusset stitches, where you are ready to work a RS row.

Put either edge of the instep side-by-side with the gusset stitches and make sure they are the same length, as they will be sewn together later.

We are now going to join these stitches and work them in the round. If you haven’t used your double-pointed needles (dpns) yet, now is the time to start.

RS of gusset facing, using MC still attached to ball of yarn, knit 11 sts onto one dpn. K 11 sts onto second dpn. Knit 25 instep stitches from holder onto third dpn. [47 sts]

From here on out, the remainder of the sock is done in the way you would do a plain sock.

Continuing to work in the round on four dpns, knit every rnd until sock measures about 2" shorter than desired length of sock, ending last rnd at bottom of foot (between needles with 11 sts each).

This 2" is measuring from the back of the heel. My sock measured about 2¾" from the beginning of knitting-in-the-round, for a woman’s size 7 foot.

End of Lesson Four

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