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Extra Credit
A more complex pattern
Extra Credit
Catching in a long float
Extra Credit 
The Dutch heel
Extra Credit
Avoid Gusset Patterning

Judy's Kick-back Two-color Socks
Instructor: Judy Gibson

Extra credit - Turning a Dutch heel

The Dutch heel is similar to the round heel, in that it consists of a square flap pulled together under the heel by a series of short rows. I think it gives a snugger fit because it pulls the sides of the heel under the foot a little. It's my heel of choice for a stockinette heel flap.

In the round heel, you knit across the center stitches, knit a stitch from the center portion together with a side stitch, and then knit an additional stitch before turning. This causes the sole portion of the heel to grow wider and wider from the few center stitches that were marked in the beginning.

The main difference with the Dutch heel is that the sole portion doesn't get wider, but stays the same width, forming a strip down the center of the foot. This happens because you don't knit that additional stitch each time before turning. Because it doesn't get any wider, you'll need to start from a larger number of center stitches. So--

Mark the center (approximately) third of the stitches (as you did with a few stitches in the round heel). In order to center the heel, the center number of stitches has to be odd if the total number of heel flap stitches is odd, and even if the flap is even. 

Slip one stitch as if to knit, knit from the edge of the flap across the center stitches, SSK, and turn. Slip one as if to purl, purl across the center stitches, purl two together and turn. Check to make sure the number of stitches on each side of the center portion is the same. Repeat these two rows until all the flap stitches have been worked, ending ready to begin a knit row.

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