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Sock Name Designer Size Misc Yarn Suggested Yarn Needles Gauge
Aunt Maggie's Slippers Qualheim, Bev Adult     Worsted 9 7
Briggs Little's Heavy Sock Pattern Bozak, Esther Adult   Brigg's & Little 100% Wool Yarn Heavy Worsted 3 6
Celtic Spiral Patterned Devine, Catherine Adult     Fingering 11  
Chain Link Pattern Socks Devine, Catherine Adult     Fingering   9.3
Comfort Socks Linda Adult   Patons True North DK + Au Naturel DK DK (2 strands) 4 5.5
Deb’s Socks Chinn, Debra Adult   Socka Sock   7
Diamond Patterned Socks Devine, Catherine Adult     Fingering   11.4
Diamonds in the Rough Turner, Sandrine Adult     DK or Worsted 3 6
EZ Knit Tube Socks Frugal Knitting Haus Adult     Sport 5 6
Firefighters Socks Salazar, Kim Adult Toe Up Stahl Wolle Big Worsted 5 & 4 6
Footies or Old-Fashioned Slippers Bozak, Esther S. Adult     Worsted 10.5 or 11 3 to 3.5
Fulled Booties Parker, Susan A.S. Adult     Chunky/worsted 10 3
Fulled Booties for Grown Ups Luxury Fiber Adult     Worsted 5mm 3.75
Hamer's Humdingers (Fulled Socks) Hamer, Joan Adult     Bulky 10 1/2 & 11  
Jill's Short-Row Toe Socks Vosburg, Jill Adult Toe Up Lamb's Pride Worsted 4 & 6 4.5
Joanne Hinmon's Socks Hinmon, Joanne Adult   Woolease Worsted    
Joan's Socks Hamer, Joan Adult   Woolease Worsted 6 & 8 4
Ladder of Life Socks Budd, Anne Adult     Worsted   5
Maxine's Dorm Boots Stansifer, Glenna Adult     Worsted 10  
Mini Waffle Socks Turner, Sandrine Adult   Woolease Worsted 3 6
Not Just for Golf Socks Parker, Lisa Adult     DK 2 7
Parquet Socks Madl, Donn Adult   Socka Sock 2.5 & 3 mm 7.5
Pinetree Toe Up Socks Salazar, Kim Adult Toe Up Wildefoote Sock 1 9
Socks Class Krisniski, Claudia Adult     2 ply   4.5
Striped Diamond Socks Devine, Catherine Adult     Fingering   10.6
Teal Mosaic Socks Devine, Catherine Adult     Any    
Teal-Toed Booty Knits ‘n Bytes Adult   Lion Brand Worsted 8  
Vertical Scroll Sock Pattern Devine, Catherine Adult     Fingering   10.5
Another Joan's Sox Fernbach, Joan Any   Woolease Worsted 5 5
Any Weight Socks McMullen, Nancy Any Easy   Any    
Aunt Alm's Dorm Boots Detjen, Amy Any     Worsted 4.5mm  
Booties for adults & kids Frugal Knitting Haus Any     Worsted 7  
Bulky Yarn Booty Juanita’s Knit Shop Any     Worsted 9 3.5
Crew Socks Hoffman, Jeanne Any     Any    
Double-Thick-Any-Size Odd Ball Slippers Bradberry, Sarah Any     Any    
Family of Socks Lion Brand Yarn Any Toe Up Woolease Sport 3 6
Fish Tank Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Fleeced Two Needle Socks (see Thrummed Socks) Hamilton, Debbie Tydd Any   Lopi Worsted    
Flowers (Misc) Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Generic Sock Recipe J.P. Any Easy   Any Any  
Hot Sox Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Icicles Sock Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Judy's Kick-Back Two Color Socks Gibson, Judy Any     Any    
Knit Footies Sharpe, Sara Any     Worsted 6,7,8  
Linda's Sock Formula Linda Any     Any    
Magic Socks Hamer, Joan Any     Any    
Moon Boots Schweitzer, Lisa Any   Montera Worsted   4
Nancy's Basic Sock Newkirk, Nancy Any Easy   Fingering    
Pepper Patch Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Percent Socks Graham, Laurie Any     Any    
Percentage-based, Toe-up, Garter Stitch, Short-row heel, Gauge-less  Socks by Stasia Wussow, Stasia Any Toe Up   Any    
Pine Forest Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Pumpkins & Kandy Korn Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Rambling Rose Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Scottish Terrier Chart Lemons, Valarie Any     Any    
Sheep Socks Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Simple Toe Up Socks Salazar, Kim Any Easy   DK/Worsted    
Slippers with Soles Zuke, Margaret Any     Worsted 9  
Sock Patterning Recipe Herrick, Mary Lee Any     Any    
Socks in 3 Sizes Fernbach, Joan Any   Woolease DK or Worsted 6 5
Spiral Sockies Annie Any     Sport 1 & 3  
Spring Flowers Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Squares Slippers Frugal Knitting Haus Any     Worsted 8 5
Strawberry Fields Chart Goodwin, Catherine Any     Any    
Swedish Style Knit 'n Fulled Slipper Boots (modification of Fiber Trends Pattern) Nicole, Carole Any     Chunky    
Thrummed Slippers Hamilton, Debbie Tydd Any   Lopi Worsted 4mm  
Toastie Toes (slippers) Silliman, Irene Any     Worsted 9 4
Toe Up Sock in 4 Sizes Salazar, Kim Any Toe Up   DK or Worsted 4 & 5 6
Warm Slippers Loach, Rob Any     Worsted 9  
Baby Ellen’s Socks Yarn Expressions Children   Dale Ull Baby 1 & 2  
Baby Socks Sutherland, Dilys Children     Worsted 7  
Baby Socks – Newborn Stephanie Children   Fixation DK/Sport 3 8
Basic Child's Pattern Leah Children Easy Regia Jacquard Sock 2  
Best Friends Socks Hinmon, Joanne Children     Worsted 4 & 5  
Butterfly Bows Socks Gibson, Judy Children   Kraemer Cotton Fingering    
Cable Stitch Socks Buchanan, Annie Children     Fingering 2  
Children In Common Socks Krisniski, Claudia Children Easy   Worsted 5  
Children’s Slipper Socks Pierce Stone, Patti Children     Worsted 6 4.5
Children’s Slippers Belcastro, Barbara Children     Worsted 8  
Children’s Socks Craftown Children     Baby 0  
Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Socks Cintron, Diana Children     Fingering/Sock 2  
Deer Track Socks Thumb Knitting Children     DK 3 or  4 6
Dress Up Socks Craft Town Children     Baby 0  
Eyelet Ribbed Baby Socks Pierce Stone, Patti Children     Fingering 0 9
Fair Isle Baby Sock Largent, Linda Children   Phildar Cotton Worsted 2  
Infant Socks Ellis, Judy Children     Fingering 1  
Joan's Socks for Men Hamer, Joan Children   Woolease Worsted 8 3.5
Just Your Basic Baby Sock Pierce Stone, Patti Children Easy   Fingering 0 9.5
Kolorful Kids Sox Philbrick, Sharon Children   Woolease Worsted 3  
Newborn Socks - Two color Adcock, Dawn Children     Baby 0 8
Nicholas' Swirly Tube Socks Cromar, Lisa Santoni Children Toe Up   Worsted 6  
North Country Cotton Baby Socks Kraemer Yarn Shop Children   North Country Cotton DK 5 5.5
One Ball Picot Hemmed Socks Nelson, Linda Children     Sport 3 &4  
Patti’s Slipper-socks Pierce, Patti Children     Worsted 6 4.5
Picot Edged Baby Socks Pierce Stone, Patti Children     Fingering 0 9.5
Preemie Sock Pattern Sylvia Children     Fingering 1 or 2 7.5
Samantha's Fixation Socks Carroll, Chris Children   Fixation Sock 3  
Sausage Socks Craft Town Children     Sport 3 5.5
Simple Socks Suzanne Children Easy   Any    
Spiral Socks for Toddlers Buchanan, Anne Children     Sport 1 & 3  
Sports Socks for Newborns Qualheim, Bev Children     Sport 4  
Striped Rib Baby Socks Pierce Stone, Patti Children     Fingering 2 10
Toddler Tubies Pierce Stone, Patti Children Toe Up   Worsted 6 5
Achim’s Socks Roberts, Marilyn Men   Cashmerino DK 2 6
Alpaca Socks   Men   Alpaca Worsted   5
Anniversox Osborne, Laurie Men     Fingering   6.5 - 7
Baba's Bed Socks Bernstein, Michele Men   Woolease Worsted 8 4
Basic Men's Socks Campbell, Jamie Men Easy Opal Fingering 2 9-Aug
Bigfoot Socks Linda Men     DK 3.5mm 4.25
BJ Bass Fair Isle Socks Yarn Expressions Men     Fingering/sock 0 & 1 9
Dad's Function over Form Socks Mabe, Jessica Minier Men   Knitaly Worsted 6 6
Gary’s Socks Griffin, Jennifer A. Men Easy   Worsted 6 5
How My Grandmother Knitted Socks Gazmuth Men   Woolease (2 strands) Bulky 5  
Jamie C's Basic Formula for Men's Socks AKA Dad's Navy Blue Socks Campbell, Jamie Men     Sock 1 8.5
Kilt Hose Dimbleby, Elizabeth Men Toe Up Jonelle 4 Ply Sock 0 8.75
Larry's Socks Sutherland, Dilys Men   Bernat Aspen Worsted 5mm  
Matt's Fixation Socks Keil, Carissa Men   Fixation Sock 3  
Matt's Patterned Socks Devine, Catherine Men     Fingering 1  
Paul's Seven Socks Linda Men   Patons Decor Worsted 3 & 7  
Simple Socks for Men Hand Jive Knits Men     Worsted 6 5
Socks Knitted By & For a Guy Stanley, Arthur Men     4 ply    
Socksquatch Socks Linda Men     Sock 3.25mm 4
Stout & Short WoolEase Socks Adcock, Dawn Men   Woolease Worsted 4  
Two Models of Men's Socks Knit 'n Bytes Men     Worsted    
World War I Socks   Men     Sock    
Alphabet Chart Lemons, Valarie Misc     Any    
American Beauty Tweed Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
American Girl Doll Socks Gibson, Judy Misc     Sock 1 8
Andean Diagonal Fair Isle Staceyjoy Misc     Any    
Barbie's Micro Mini Socks Vogel, Jacqueline Misc     Lace Weight 0 & 00 12
Barbie's Ragg Hiking Socks Gibson, Judy Misc     Fingering 0  
Border Cable Staceyjoy Misc          
Bricks Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Buttercup Cable Staceyjoy Misc          
Chain Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Christmas Stocking Carlson, Roger Misc     Worsted 7  
Christmas Stocking McDougall, Wendy Misc     Worsted    
Christmas Stocking with Mosaic Motif Hoffer, Rosemary Misc     Worsted 8  
Christmas Stocking with Stripes Linda Misc     Worsted 3.75mm 5-Apr
Circular Cable Boccella, Joyce Misc     Any    
Circular Stripe & Rib Socks Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
City Lights Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Easy Sock Tops Gregorcyk, Claire Misc     Any    
Easy Zig Zag Stitch Boccella, Joyce Misc     Any    
Fair Isle #1 Staceyjoy Misc          
Fair Isle #2 Staceyjoy Misc          
Fair Isle #3 Staceyjoy Misc          
Fair Isle #4 Staceyjoy Misc          
Fleck Stitch Regina Misc     Any    
Four Color Mix Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Fretted Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Gary’s Christmas Stocking Griffin, Jennifer Misc     Worsted    
Gothic Lace   Misc          
Greek Cross Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Heart Lace   Misc          
Herring Bone Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Hexagon Pattern Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Indian Blanket Fair Isle Staceyjoy Misc     Any    
Jacquard Stitch   Misc          
Knitting Stitch Library Knittng-about Misc          
Lacey Triangle Steffy, Anny Misc     Any    
Little Blue Sock Slayton, E.J. Misc     Fingering 2mm 9
Little Christmas Stocking Slayton, E.J. Misc     Sock    
Little Fountain Stitch Brown, Robley Misc     Any    
Macedonian Stitch Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Maltese Cross Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Mini Sock Recipe Tocker, Jennifer Misc     Fingering/DK    
Miniature Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Mock Cable Rib   Misc          
My Wee Blue Sock Hare, Diane Misc     Any    
Myra’s Socks Humphrey, Megan Misc     Fingering 1 8-Jul
North Star Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Numbers Chart Lemons, Valarie Misc     Any    
Oblique Rib   Misc          
Paisley Wood Knot Fair Isle Staceyjoy Misc          
Party Favor Cable Staceyjoy Misc          
Peanuts Cable Staceyjoy Misc          
Purl Zig Zag Chevron Jenn Misc     Any    
Pyramid Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Ragg Hiking Socks for Barbie Gibson, Judy Misc   Woolease Woolease - few strands 0  
Regia Sock Page Regia Misc   Regia Sock    
Saxon Braid Cable Boccella, Joyce Misc     Any    
Show Your Colors Sock Pin Young, Debbi Misc     Fingering 1  
Spindly Braid Cable Staceyjoy Misc          
Staggered Eyelet Lace Stitch Zerbe, Kit Misc     Any    
Stripe & Rib Pattern Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Surprise Stitch Sock Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Thistle Leaf Stitch Salcedo, Nancy Misc     Any    
Three Color Tweed Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Three Flowers Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
Three In One Mosaic Kokernak, Barbara Misc          
TriColor Stripe Socks Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Two Tone Lattice Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Waffle Stitch Regina Misc     Any    
Wheat Coin Cable Staceyjoy Misc          
Wheatear Pattern Brown, Robley Misc     Any    
Woven Stripe Kokernak, Barbara Misc     Any    
Zig Zag Eyelet Lace Zerbe, Kit Misc     Any    
56 Stitch, 56 Row Socks McGlynn, Nancy T. Women     Sock 2.5mm 7
Alexis' Great Socks Ng, Eve Women   Tahki Limbo Worsted 3 & 4  
Almost Easy Toe-Up Sock Wunder, Deb Women Toe Up Paton's Nature Fleece Worsted 6  
American Flag Sock Creedle, Rae Women     Fingering/Sock 2.25mm 8.5
American Flag Sock Hinmon, Joanne Women     Sock 3 & 1 7
American Flag Socks Rush, Helene Women     Worsted 4 & 6 5
Anatomical Sole Sock   Women   Regia Jacquard Sock 2.5mm 8.5
Ankle Socks Gagnon, Eve Women     Fingering 2.75mm 7
Annabelle's Entrelac Socks Dawson, Annabelle Women     Fingering 2.5mm 9
Anne's Slippers Prochowicz, Ann & Pignato, Peggy Women     Worsted/Bulky 7 or 8  
Ann's Knee High Socks Ackerman, Ann Women     Sport/Worsted 5 6
Aran Braid Sox Hubbard, Kathleen Women   Socka Color Sock 2 8.5
Argyle Socks - Cybersocks Eckman, Edie Women     Sport 3 7
Arlene's DK Weight Socks Williams, Arlene Women     DK 3mm 6.5
Arrowhead Socks Esser, Sue Women     Sport    
Back to School Pencil Sock Knits ‘n Bytes Women   Kroy Fingering    
Basic Cable Socks Torgerson, Kristin Women     Sport 3  
Basic Regia/Opal Socks Knits ‘n Bytes Women   Regia Sport 2.5mm  
Basic Sock Goddard, Kim Women Easy   Sock   7
Basic Socks by Ruth Blazenko, Ruth Women Easy   Fingering or Sport 3.75mm 6.5
Bavarian Socks Knits 'n Bytes Women   Regia Sport 2.25 - 2.75mm  
Bell Lace Woolease Socks Sumner, Judy Women   Woolease Worsted 5 5
Berlin Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     Worsted   6
Big Bulky Sock Pattern McGlynn, Nancy Women     Heavy Worsted 6 & 8 4.5
Blueberry Waffle Socks Turner, Sandrine Women     DK 5 5.5
Bored with Kilt Hose Hinmon, Joanne Women     Worsted 5  
Burgundy Ragg Socks Linda Women   Bernat's Ragg Yarn Worsted 3.75mm 4.5
Cable Check Socks Hoyle, Karen Women     Sport   6.5
Cable Spiral Socks Mitchell, Jeanne Women     Worsted 2 5
Cabled Get Together Socks J.P. Women     Worsted 5 4.5 - 5
California Wave Socks Morris, Shawn Women     Worsted 3  
Camille’s Boot Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     Sport 3 6.5
Candy Cane Socks McCarthy, Mary-Alice Women     Sport 2.5mm 7
Canterbury Bells Gott, Karen Women   Kroy & Wildfoote Sock 0 7
Cat's Paw Socks Dinsmore, Mary Anne Women   Paton's Classic Wool Worsted 3 & 5  
Chaotic Cable Socks Moran, Mary Women   Froelich Blauband Fingering 2 7.5
Checkerboard slippers Denise Women     Worsted 8  
Chili Pepper Socks Corbett, Erica Women     DK or Worsted   5.5
Cold Stopping Thigh Toppers Krisniski, Claudia Women     Worsted 9  
Colorful Socks Royea, Terri Lee Women     Worsted 4mm 5
Comfy Ribbed Socks Linda Women   Paton's Astra DK and Worsted 3  
Cookie Socks Linda Women   Brown Sheep Naturspun Worsted 3.5 4
Crazy Eights Andersson, Laura Women   Opal Sock 1.5 8
Dani's Dobby Socks Cook, Danyala Women   Royal Hare Sport 2 & 3  
Denise's Toe Up Sock Powell, Denise Women Toe Up   Any    
Desert boots (slippers) Brand, Elsie Women     Worsted 8 or 10  
Diagonal Fixation Pattern Conrad, Lela Women   Fixation Worsted 3 6.5
Diamond Socks Samoilow, Mitja Women   Mor Aase DK 4 6
Diana's String Doodle Socks Cintron, Diana Women   Stahl Limbo DK 3  
Domino Socks Brown, Jennifer Women   Koigu Fingering 1 or 2  
Double Basket Sock deLong, Audrey Women     Sock 1  
Double Trouble Socks Reed, Ingrid L. Women Toe Up   Any    
Drunken Master Sock deLong, Audrey Women   Lang Trekking Sock 2  
Easy Socks Oz Yarns Women     Sock   7
Elegant Ribbing Sock deLong, Audrey Women     Fingering/Sock 2  
Ellen's Birthday Socks McGlynn, Nancy T. Women   Regia or Socka Sport 2 & 3 7
Ellinore's Teenage Socks Deborah Women     4 ply cotton 2.25mm 8.75
EMC2 Socks Linda Women     DK 3.25mm  
Enchanted Sock of 40 Cables Frelich, Diane Women     Sport 3 6
Errant Ankles Lace Socks Erickson-Schweitzer, Jackie Women     Sport    
EZ Ripple Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     Sport 3 7
Fancy Chevron Lace Socks Sumner, Judy Women   Woolease Worsted 6 5.3
Fern Leaf Socks Corbett, Erica Women   Socka Sock 0 9
Folksy Socks Linda Women   Paton's True North DK + Décor Worsted 3 6
Foot Papooses Kelsey Women     Worsted/Bulky 10 3.5
Footed Toe Up Socks Olds, Manny Women Toe Up   Any    
Fulled Lopi Dorm Boots Bowen, Rebecca A. Women   Lopi Worsted 10.5 3.5
Funky Dorey Socks Linda Women     Any    
Garter Bar Slip Stitch Socks Hoyle, Karen Women     Fingering 1 9
Garter/Rib Slippers Mills, Megan Women     DK 4.5mm 4
Grandma Nelson's Loafer Sox Winkgro Women   Woolease Worsted 3  
Hand Knit Hose Kenton, Donna Flood Women     Fingering    
Happy Sock Oz Yarns Women     Sock 1 8.25
Harlequin Socks Devine, Catherine Women     Any    
Heart Socks Sharpe, Sara Women     Worsted 7 to 8  
Helen Schaffer's Slippers Broadhurst, Heather Women     Bulky 8 4
Holey Socks aka Ellie’s Eyelet Socks Gallo-Hendrikx, Ellie Women   Balkan Tweed DK 4 6.25
Honeycomb Waffle Socks Turner, Sandrine Women     Sport 2 8
Hop Scotch Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     Sport 3 6.75
Hope Socks Griffin, Gina Women   Peace Fleece Worsted 8  
Irene's Slouch Socks Grant, Irene Women   Bernat Handicrafter Worsted 2 5.5
Janis' Koigu Sock Cortese, Janis Women   Koigu Sport 2  
Japanese Feather Srikrishnan, Jaya Women     Sock 3 6.5
Japanese Feather Socks deLong, Audrey Women   Regia 6 ply Sock 3 6.5
Jelly Bean Toe Up Socks Salazar, Kim Women Toe Up Regia Ringel Fingering 0 8.5
Jen's Slip Stitch Socks Griffin, Jennifer A. Women   Patons Fireside Worsted 6 5
Jewel Boxes Lighthill, Sue Women     Fingering 1 8
Karen's Red Socks Satterland, Lisa L. Women Toe Up Mimosa Fingering 2 12
Knitlist Get-Together Cable Sock Pattern J.P. Women   Lamb's Pride SuperWash Worsted 2 & 5 5
Knitted Sleeping Socks Kosarew, Jenny Women   Greenock sun wool DK 5 6
Kris's Handspun Socks Sudduth, Kris Women     Worsted 4  
Lace Top, Toe Up Socks Conrad, Lela Women Toe Up Regia Sock 1 8
Lacy Sock in Worsted Weight Wool J.P. Women   Lamb's Pride SuperWash Worsted 2 5.5
Lacy Woolease Socks Sumner, Judy A. Women   Woolease Worsted 5  
Ladies Hunting Socks Newberry, Karen Women     Sport 2  
Laurie's Zig Zag Socks Osborne, Laurie Women     DK 3 5
Leaves of Grass Anklet Socks Roberts, Marilyn A. Women   Socka Fingering/Sock 1 7
Leg Warmers Fiber Images Women     Worsted    
Leg Warmers Gott, Karen Women     Worsted    
Lenore Slippers Bourquin, Christine Women     Worsted 5 6.5
Liberty Socks Walsh, Linda Women   Lorna's Laces Worsted 5, 3, 1  
Links of Lace Woolease Socks MacFarlane, Nancy Women   Woolease Worsted 4 5.5
Lisa's Standard Socks Freise, Lisa Women     Sock 0 & 2 6
Little Arrowhead Socks Bush, Nancy Women     DK 3 6
Little Shell Sock Sumner, Judy Women     Fingering 1 6
Look At Me Socks Holdaway, Phyllis-Anne Women   Look at Me Sport 2 7
Lopi Socks Brocco, Dawn Women   Lopi Icelandic Wool Worsted 6 4
Lorna's Laces Watercolor Socks Wussow, Stasia Women   Lorna's Laces Sport/Fingering    
Love Knot Socks Richards, Suzanne Women     Fingering 2 7.5
Mabel Corlett's Classic 4-Ply Ribbed Socks Corlett, Mabel Women   Nomotta Regia Sock 2 8.5
Maggie's Pink Socks Dicey, Maggie Women   Kroy Sock 0  
Martha's Semi-Slouch Socks  - Picture Conrad, Lela Women     Worsted 3 & 4  
Melanie's House Socks Linda Women   Bernat Ragg Worsted 5 4.5 to 5
Mesh Stockings (1942 circ) Complete Guide to Modern Knitting 1942 Women     2 fold stocking yarn 1 & 3  
Mini Cabled Socks Linda Women   Paton's Classic Wool Worsted 3.25mm  
Mitten Toe Sock Hare, Diane Women     Any    
Mock Cable Ankle Socks Morris, Shawn Women     Worsted 3  
Mock Cable Socks Galbus, Julia Women   Wildefoot Worsted 2 8
Mohair Footies Parker, Susan Women   Mohair   10.5 3
Mom’s Fast Florida Footies Hershberger, Lynn Women   Fixation Sport 2 6.25
Mom's Red Socks Linda Women   Cottage Crafts wool DK 4  
Moonlight Slippersock Soucy, Diane Women     Worsted 5 5.5
Mother-in-Law’s Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     DK 3 6
Mother-in-Law’s Socks (Toe Up version) Bergersen, Sharon Women Toe Up   DK 3 6
My Basic Socks Zerbe, Kit Women e   Worsted 6  
My Certainly Is Interesting Sock Frelich, Diane Women     Worsted 3 & 4 6
Navy Socks Linda Women   LaLaine Boucle Worsted   5
Norwegian Socks Burri, Barb Women     DK 2 6
Not For Skinny Legs Socks Francis, Sande Women   Froehlich Blauband or Fortissima Cotton Sock 3 & 5 6
Obstacles Socks Frelich, Diane Women     Worsted 4 7
Ocean Socks Revisited Moreno, Jan Women   Woolease Worsted 3  
One Color Lopi Socks Brocco, Dawn Women   Lopi Worsted 4.25mm 4
Ooh La La Socks Philbrick, Sharon Women     DK 5 6
Penny Socks (Machine & Hand Knit) Miller, Diane Women Toe Up   Worsted    
Perfectly Simple Socks McGlynn, Nancy T. Women   Regia Sport 2.5mm 8
Pine Tree Socks Rush, Helene Women   Briggs & Little Worsted 4 & 6 5
Popcorn Top Kilt Hose Hinmon, Joanne Women     DK or Sport 6 8
Porthole Sock (Montana Woolies) Thompson, Tammy Eigeman Women   Brown Sheep Nature Sport Worsted Worsted 4 4.5
Pretty Comfy Sock Young, Debbi Women   Fixation Sock 3 6.5
Purl When Ready Sock Zlendich, Jan Women   Opal Sock 1.5  
Purple and Grey Striped Socks Linda Women   Bernat Sayelle Worsted 3.25mm 6
Purple Birthday Socks Linda Women   Paton's Astra Bright Ideas Sport (2 strands) 4  
Quick Knit Eyelets Bergersen, Sharon Women     DK 3 6
Quick Knit Socks Qualheim, Bev Women easy Woolease Worsted 8  
Ragg Socks (Swedish) Drops Women     Worsted    
Rainbow & Blue Skies Hoyle, Karen Women   Lorna’s Laces Sport 2 7
Really Cool Socks Tebby, Reina Women     Sock 2.5mm  
Red and White Socks Linda Women   Brunswick LaLaine Boucle + Paton's Laurentian Worsted 3 5.5
Rib It To Me Socks Bergerson, Sharon Women   Woolease  Worsted 4 & 6 5.5 - 6
Ribbed for Her Pleasure Linda Women   Paton's Classic Wool Worsted   7
Ribbed Socks  (2x2; Broken Rib; Spiral Rib) Russell, Anne Women     Worsted 4mm 5.25
Ribbers Cook, Ruth Women   Woolease Worsted 4 5.5
Roman Rib Stitch Zuk, Brenda Women Toe Up   Sport 3mm 6.5
Roy G Biv Socks Hayes, Margot Women     Worsted 3 6
Ruggles Candy Cane Socks Wingate, Catherine Women     Worsted 5  
Rustic Arrow Socks Sumner, Judy Women   Woolease Sport 3 6
Ruth's Socks Hiebert, Ruth Women Toe Up Woolease  Worsted 8 4
Sandal Socks Philbrick, Sharon Women   Brown Sheep Worsted 5 5
Sari's Aran Socks Williams, Rita Women   Woolease Worsted 3 6
Scallop Stitch Socks Sumner, Judy Women   Woolease Worsted 5 or 6  
Seabury Socks Croisant, Mary Ann Women   Brown Sheep Worsted Worsted 5 or 6  
Seaweed Socks McGlyn, Nancy Women     Sock 2 7
Seed Pearl Socks Wrightson, Katherine M. Women     Sock 1 7.5
Sheepish Socks Hinmon, Joanne Women   Woolease Worsted 6 5
Shell Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     Sock 1 6
Short Row Toe Socks Vosburg, Jill Women Toe Up   Worsted 4 & 6 4.5
Side Cable Slippers Simpatico Yarns Women     Worsted 11  
Simple Diamond Socks Devine, Catherine Women     Fingering   11
Simple Freedom Socks Gott, Karen Nelson Women     Sock 0 7
Smaller-sized Sport Weight Socks Sutherland, Dilys Women   Paton's Astra Sport/SK 4mm  
Smocked Socks Gerstner, Ruth Women     Any    
Sock Monkey Evans, Bonnie Women     Sock 1 8
Sock Pattern Sort of Gerstner, Ruth Women     Any    
Socka Sock Pattern Judson, Grace L. Women   Socka Sock 1 or 2 8
Socks (Really Slippers) Martin, Janet Women     Worsted 8  
Socks 101 (Tutorial) Royea, Terri Lee Women Easy   Any    
Socks With No Heels Blake, Val Women     Any 3.75mm  
Solomon's Temple Socks deLong, Audrey Women     Sock 2  
Soxie's Super Simple Slipper Sox Philbrick, Sharon Women     DK 10 4
Speckled Socks Linda Women     Worsted 3.25mm 5.5
Spinderella's Calf Hugger Socks Rosa, Lynn Women     DK 1 4.5
Spiral Patterned Socks Devine, Catherine Women   Shetland Fingering   11
Spiral Socks Creedl, Rae Women     Worsted 4  
St. Pat's Day Socks McCarter, Sharon Women     Worsted 4  
String Socks Linda Women   Paton's Weekender DK 4 4 in rib
Sun & Moon Socks Brown Fox Fibers Women     Sport 3 4.5 -5
Super Easy and Fast Spiral Rib Socks Blanchard, Nanette Women   Woolease Worsted 4 6
Surprise Sock (Machine Knit) Miller, Diane Women     Worsted    
Tangled Garden Gillmore, Robin Women     Sock 1 9
Texture and Lace Sock Sumner, Judy Women   Woolease Worsted 6 5.3
Three Ribbed Socks Russell, Anne Women   Koigu 2 ply 4mm 5.25
Thrummed Socks Boudreau, Linda Women   Briggs & Little Worsted 4 & 3.25mm 5
To Bee or Not To Bee Hershberger, Lynn Women     Fingering/Sport 2 7.5
Toe Up Leaf Lace Socks Moran, Mary Women Toe Up   DK 2 6
Toe Up, Ribbed, Short Row Heels Sock Hiebert, Ruth Women Toe Up   Worsted 8 4
Too Hot to Knit Socks Longinotti, Laurie Women     DK 2 7
Tulip Socks Bergerson, Sharon Women     Worsted 3.5mm 4
Twisted Rib Socks Rippere, Jeanne Women     Sock 1 8.5
Two Needle Socks Gantman-Vilvovsky, Sonia Women     Worsted    
Two Stranded Wildefoote Socks J.P. Women   Wildefoote Sock 5  
Unity Socks Boring, Melanie Women     DK 3.5  
USA Slippers Philbrick, Sharon Women Toe Up Opal Fingering 6 5
Viv's Lacy Socks Shen, Vivienne Women   Froehlich Blauband or Fortissima Cotton Sock 2 8
Waffles with a Twist Turner, Sandrine Women   Woolease Worsted 3 6
Window Pane Socks Meredith, Susan Women   Camelia Sock 00 & 000  
Wow Socks Stephanie Women     Sock 1 & 3 7.5
Yet Another Sock Pattern Atkinson, Suzanne Women   Woolease Worsted 6 6
You're Putting Me On Socks Gibson, Judy Women Toe Up Woolease Worsted 6  
Zig Zag Eyelet Socks Bergersen, Sharon Women     Sock 0 8
Easy Boot Socks Red Barn Farm Women/Children     Worsted 4 6
Harem Slippers Baker, Elaine L. Women/Children     4 ply 6 or 8  
Lacy Sock Tops Gregorcyk, Claire Women/Children     Any    
Mother & Daughter Socks Linda Women/Children     Chunky 4.25mm 4.63
Sandy's Openwork Cuff Variation Miner, Sandy Women/Children     Any