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NOTE: This page was removed from our site for a while and some of the original tips you may remember have been removed to eliminate any potential problems with copyright infringement. Many of the tips currently on this page  have been in the public domain for years and many of them have been on this site for years as well. They may have been learned from Grandma, way back when, or they may have been "unvented" by one of our intrepid socknitters. In all cases, however, there is no intent to copy any published work, so all of the advice on this page is written in the words of the member who submitted it. 

In General

These are tips that are important but don't quite fit into any of the categories below.

First, a listing of some of the abbreviations found in knitting patterns. Common Knitting Abbreviations

Here's some advice from Beverly on knitting and washing those cool Cotton Socks

Have you ever spent days making the most beautiful sock...only to find it doesn't fit? Here is some help from Sande on Making Socks That Fit

Here is a Recipe for Hand Cream that will keep your busily knitting fingers from cracking.

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Abusing your yarn: advice from Nancy on making your homespun yarn more user friendly.
Nancy's explanation

Have you ever found some really great yarn but passed it up, because you weren't sure if it would make good socks? Maybe this will help: Sheree's advice on what makes a good sock yarn

Here is some great advice from Anne on Successful Wool Washing

And here is some good advice on washing fleece before spinning your sock yarn.

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Heels and Toes


NEW! Jill Schaefer's tutorial for Afterthought Heels!

NEW! Want a new Toe treatment? Take a look at these!

Are you having trouble figuring out how to pick up those pesky gusset stitches? Sande shows you how in a Mini-Knitting Lesson: Picking up Gusset Stitches

Advice from Noel on avoiding the diagonal eyelets when making short rowed heels and toes.
Short Row Heels

A slightly different view of short rowing those heels and toes.
Maggie's Short Row Heels and Toes

How to know when you're knitting right side out when learning to knit in the round and Kitchener stitching in words and photos. Mini Knitting Lessons

Here are a couple more heel variations from Claudia. Heel Variations

Here's a simple way Theresa has found to make toe grafting a bit easier. Toe Grafting Tip

Do you hate those points you get on each side of the toe when you graft it together. Try Rebecca's quick and easy way of Avoiding Dog Ears on Grafted Toes

Saartje has a different way of closing toes that might just be the thing for those of us who are opposed to Kitchener stitching. Check it out: Saartje's Bind Off Toe

Here's an alternate method for decreasing while making your gusset and toes. Rose's Decrease

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Problems with sticky stitches? Read Joan's solution.

Info on why size needle sizes differ - from Mara

Broken needle - disaster or minor inconvenience? Here's what Beverly has to say. Broken Needles

Have you been curious about the new casein needles that everyone seems to be using these days? Or maybe the Bryspun needles have captured your interest. Either way, Susan's Needle Report offers an opinion of these needles from hands-on experience.

Here's Karen's solution to having the right needle size and length for every project without having to actually buy every size DPN ever made. Karen's Needle Tricks

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Got some yarn you want to dye? Here's some advice from Robin on Dying with Kool-Aid

And here's another way to go about dying yarn. Susan's Mason Jar Dying Method

Barb adds her method of dying socks with a popular drink mix complete with what she might do differently next time. Barb's Kool-Aid Dying Method

Here is Anne's take on Kool-Aid Dying with comparisons of American and Canadian Kool-Aid.
Anne's Kool-Aid Dying Method

Ann McDonald made socks made from Kool-Aid dyed yarn. You can see photos and read the instructions on the Socknitters Photo Page, Too,,,page 3

Did you ever wonder which Kool-Aid you should use to produce just exactly the color you want? Well, wonder no longer.  Kool-Aid Color Conversion Chart

When you are color stranding, and the color is showing through on the front, there is an idea that works.
Try Claudia's Color Stranding Technique


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Casting On and Binding Off

Linda has some great ways to cast on that minimize the problem of twisting: Linda's Cast On Methods

Linda also tells us how she does her Picot Cast On or Picot Hemmed Cuff, if you prefer.

Here's some instructions from Peggy for a Stretchy Bind Off for Toe Up Socks

And here's Sande's Stretchy Bind Off method for those toe up socks.

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More words of wisdom from our members will be added as they come in. Contribute a tip.

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